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The sheilds on the Liberty are phase modulating particle dispersion sheilds. They incprporate the lastest technology involved in breaking the grips of Borg draining beams and allow the vessel to function for long period under continuous fire. The sheilds on the ship were intially developed at the Vulcan institute of science, specifically for the purpose of heavy combat situations. After undergoing rigorous tests in combat simulations the ASDB cleared the design for mass production.

This sheilding system is currently being implimented on all new starships, and it is expected that by the end of 2380 all the ships in the fleet will have undergone a full upgrade.

Another excellent feature of the Liberty is the sensor array she sports. At maximum scan she can detect ships up to 25 ly away. This sensor array was intially designed for a much larger command cruiser starfleet had been building, but the projtect was abandoned, and now since the creation of the Sovereign class that sensor was implimented there. The Array itself has 12 feed points from which to gather data and feed it into the computer's central processing core where it is organised and sent out to the relevant display consoles. At the current moment the Atlantis gathers data and co-ordinates flett movements for all of the 279 ships under her command.