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The central computer core is located on subdeck 8Ain the saucer. There are also three redundant backup cores, two on deck 12 and a third aft on deck 7. The computer functions on the traditional LCARS format, but as stated before it does not run on the standard starship format. There are interfaces in every room, though different security protocalls are required to access various information from non-essential interfaces.

The engineering computer is located in the stardrive, just one deck above main engineering. This core, functioning on basic subprocessor and neural dispersion routines is solely responsible for the running of the engines and environmental control.

The primary storage system on the ship is bio neural gel packs which feeds information to the interfaces through the ODN relays. The Primary command processors and subprocessors function through the direct information network relay (DINF) system, this allows the computer to function at maximum speed due to the fact that every process the computer carries out runs through its own connection, rather than through a central core processor.