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warp.jpg (8158 bytes)As with all other ships in the class the Liberty incorporates the new high warp field tolerance allowing her to attain and sustain very high speeds whilst doing very little damage to the fabric of space time. Once it was decided that the Liberty would be responsible for the co-ordnation of an entire fleet and slightly different computer operating system was implimented. This system ususally only used on starbases allowed the Liberty to store, review and organise fleet information for fleet co-ordination without the aid of a human. This ingenious system had never been implemented on a ship however and it was the cause of many sleepless nights for the computer programmers who put her together. After three months of altering the existing computer setup the design team believed that they had been finally successful, and attempted to run a simulation for fleet co-ordiation in the stellar cartography/ fleet command room, one deck two. However when they intialised the simulation the system froze, and the entire sequence had to be reprogrammed from scratch. The programmers did a thorough check to attempt to ascertain what had gone wrong, it was at this point that they discovered that there had been an inherent incompatibility problem with the modifications.

After this discovery the entire computer's memory core was wiped, and then purged. The request was sent out for a totally new starbase operating system, which was flown in from the Sol System. The standard starbase computer system was installed, and after numreous tests and modifications was finally workable. After the success of the project the ASDB ordered that in the future all command level ships would be equipped with this operating system.