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Joining the USS Grail


This does NOT guarantee you a place in the crew. This simply puts in a request for a position and sends me info on your character.

If there is no room, I will let you know AND keep your information on file so if there is an opening by the next mission or if I start another sim, I can contact you.

Please tell me your real name

Please tell me your email address:  

Please tell me your character's name:

Please tell me your character's age:

Please tell me your character's rank:

What alien race is your character?
The beginning of the list consists of the most used races; human is default. The other races are from the "Star Trek Encyclopedia". If your character's race is mixed or is one not listed, PLEASE specify it in the comments section.

What open position would you like?
(If you define your own position PLEASE place type it in the comment box!

Or if you prefer simply choose the department you wish to join and we will fit you into that department if a position is available
if you select the "other" department please make sure you define the position in one of the boxes below

Please tell me a little bit about your character:

Please provide any comments or additional information about your character:

What is your previous SIM experience?

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this information. This form will be processed and sent via subspace to Captain Helms ASAP. You can expect a reply within 24 - 48 hours and it will include information introducing yourself to the sim as well as the current copy of the mailing list you can receive the logs as well as requests for any corrections to be made.

But for me to get this info, you need to click the send button below. Make it so.

Click here to dispatch this info via subspace to The Captain


Click here if you need to clear this form and redo it.