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Here at SSO, we believe that a finely tuned, and well run email division is a hallmark of any simulation organization with plans to succede.  In following this we have brought together some of the finest email vessels in existence.  Among these vessels are ship of multiple classes: Soverign, Galaxy, Ambassador, even Oberth.

If you're a writer with an imagination, spirit, and a desire to be part of a tightly knit team, we'd love to speak with you! 

The Ships of SSO: Email Division

USS Freedom - NCC-1973

Click here to visit the USS Freedom

The sovereign class flagship of the SSO Email division. A vessel with experience and staying power, under the command of Admiral Luther S. Helms IV, currently stationed in the Alpha Quadrant.  The Freedom is the oldest ship of the fleet. Before becoming the SSO's Flag, the mighty Freedom had a five year tour as an independant that "ran with the big boys."  Some of the most famous Captains of "the other" ships served here first as ensigns under "The Beast".  Care to take a swing at becoming a part of the finest ship of the Fleet?  Join the SSO today!

USS Grail - NCC-20437-B

Visit The USS Grail NCC-20437-B !!

The Grail, ambassador class ship that spawned a thousand officers, Original Flagship of the fleet before her loss in the battle that raged in the Sol System vs. the Borg.   Her name, honored throughout the fleet for honor and integrity.  Now a galaxy class starship under the command of Captain Roger Boren, The Grail-B prepares to take the members of SSO into the breach once more. Join the Grail today and make her name shine once more.

USS Alliance - NCC-2112-B

(pending testing)

Newcommer to the SSO Email Fleet, nonetheless the Alliance has a proud tradition of its own. Join Captain Gremlin as the Alliance shows that the Ambassdor class still has what it takes to host the best of the best! Multiple positions now available, check the Alliance out today.