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We the Founders of StarFleet Simulations Online in order to create a organization in which simmulations can prosper in the fan created Star Trek Universe with integrity, organization and high standards of development, present these Articles.

1) All Materiel published by Starfleet Simulations Online (SSO) is the sole property of, and for the exclusive use of SSO.

2) The SSO shall be governed by a body known as The Federation Council. This Body shall be comprised of the President of the SSO in the Operations (OPS) Chair, The Heads of both Email and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Div's, The Commandant of StarFleet Academy, and the Seniormost members of Starfleet Medical, Science, and Security.

A.) The Council shall have the final power to pass into law, any article or bill which comes before it by a majority vote. At which point the aforementioned will be added to the articles of the SSO Constitution.

3) The body known as the Federation Council shall be balanced by a body known as The Federation Senate. This body shall be comprised of the two highest ranking officers on each ship that do not hold seats on the Federation Council.

A.) Any member in good standing with the SSO may formulate and submit a bill, or decision to the Senate for review. Any decision made by the senate is binding, save for requests to be heard by the council in matters of dispute.

B.) Any bill which is brought forward as a possible addendum to the SSO Constitution shall first be required to pass a 3/4 majority of the senate.

C.) Any bill which once submitted, and is not passed by the senate, may not be resubmitted for a period of three (3) months.

4) Members of the SSO may gather and form groups called Guilds (i.e. Guild of Sciences) for purposes of creating and submitting new proposed laws, media,etc. to the Federation Senate for review.

A.) A guild must consist of at least two current members of SSO, and shall be registered with the SSO Governmental Bodies.

5) For purposes of keeping SSO Members informed of policies, activities, and general information each Member of the Federation Council and each Commanding Officer will submit monthly articles for the SSO Newsletter.

A.) All articles for aforementioned publication shall be submitted one (1) week before publication of the newsletter

B.) Those members of the SSO who hold the position of  gamemaster, or Captain of a member simulation shall submitbi-wekly reports concerning the status of the simulationof which they are GM.

6. The Timeline.

A.) The Starfleet Simulations Online Division Heads    (IRC/Email) shall maintain two seperate and complete timelines,  of which all ships in the respective divisions will be required  to adhere. The purpose for this being the maintenance of  integrity, and  possible coordination of seperate simulations.

B.) The difference in simulation speed between irc and email   simulations is such that cross platform sims involving a ship   of the Email Division and the IRC Division, shall not be   permitted.

7. Member participation in Email and IRC Divisions.

A.) All members shall be permitted, save those of command rank   (Department Head and Above) to participate in one (1) member   simulation of both the irc and email divisions.

B.) Those of command rank may be allowed to fill in for those   not present in IRC simulations should the need for a secondary role present itself to the Senior Officer of the simulation in question.

8. Member participation in other organisations.

A.) Members of command rank MAY NOT particpate in other simulation organizations, due to a possible conflict of   interest.

B.) Members of enlisted rank or civilian personnel may participate in other simulation organisations, provided they do  not hold command rank within said organizations. Membership  within the SSO may be reviewed at any time by the Senate, if a  conflict of interest can be shown by members participation  within other organizations.

9. Websites.

A.) All member simulations are required to have a website   which is representative of the simulation. This requirement   will be monitored by the Quality Assurance Personell, who will   be appointed by the council of the SSO.

B.) The Web Site Quality Assurance Personnel may require   modifications or rewrites of the web sites in order to maintain   the high standards for the SSO web presence.