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Command Staff
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The SSO command staff consists of the members of the Council and the Senate.  For powers relating to each of the aforementioned bodies please see the SSO Constitution.

The SSO Council

President Luther Helms President commbadge.jpg (3138 bytes)
Admiral Acleeseasteese IRC Division Chief commbadge.jpg (3138 bytes)
Captain Roger Boren Email Division Chief commbadge.jpg (3138 bytes)
Commandant Brett Calloway Starfleet Academy commbadge.jpg (3138 bytes)
Commander Randy Swofford Chief of Sciences commbadge.jpg (3138 bytes)
Lt Commander Shras Chief of Medical commbadge.jpg (3138 bytes)
Lt Commander Thalia Knelms Quality Assurance Head commbadge.jpg (3138 bytes)


Positions for the SSO senate are currently vacant, pending the addition of  more ships to the SSO line.  The SSO senate is composed of the two most senior   members of each ship, baring those that hold position on the SSO Council.

The SSO Senate

Lieutant Junior Grade Alicia Kent USS Freedom NCC~1973 commbadge.jpg (3138 bytes)
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